10 Actors Who Served In The Military | News World

It’s not uncommon for actors to portray military personnel in movies and TV shows, from captains to soldiers, snipers to translators, and more. But many actors actually served in the military in real life, too. Some are humble, rarely bringing up their prior service unless asked. Others are well-known for their work prior to acting, and with others, fans might not even realize that a valiant duty for their country is on their resume.

Interestingly, many of the actors with a military background have played, or continue to play, military personnel or persons of authority, like law enforcement. When it comes to art imitating life, fans might be surprised to know of some of the actors who fall into this category. These actors are experienced in matters of the military, adding a layer of realism to their unforgettable performances.

10 R. Lee Ermey – United States Marine Corps…

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