3 Autonomous Vehicle Stocks to Sell in July Before They Crash & Burn 3 Autonomous Vehicle Stocks to Sell in July Before They Crash & Burn | Markets

The autonomous vehicle industry, characterized by its high-tech allure, is currently navigating through turbulent waters. Investors initially flocked to this sector, enchanted by the futuristic vision of self-driving cars and AI-driven efficiency gains. However, reality has started to set in, revealing significant challenges that include technological limitations, regulatory hurdles, and unexpected market dynamics.

Autonomous driving is poised to grow significantly, potentially generating between $300-$400 billion in revenue by 2035. However, despite the expected growth, not all companies are in a good position to benefit from the industry’s expansion.

As we move into July, it’s crucial for investors to reassess their holdings in this sector. The hype surrounding autonomous vehicles has often led to inflated valuations and overlooked risks. Now, with the industry’s growth trajectory proving more gradual and fraught than anticipated, a correction seems imminent for some companies. Hence, here are three 3 Autonomous Vehicle Stocks to Sell in July Before They Crash & Burn.

Luminar (LAZR)

Luminar (NASDAQ:LAZR) has faced significant challenges over the past year, with its stock plummeting nearly 55% in 2024.

The company’s operational losses are equally alarming. In Q1 alone, Luminar recorded a staggering operating…

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