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Filmmakers Serena DC and Michael Mazzola recently shared new, never-before-seen pics of what they say is a three-fingered alien mummy. They also claimed their upcoming documentary will prove the alien mummy has a “new type of DNA.”

The curled up 4-foot-tall alien mummy and another 9-foot tall specimen were purportedly discovered in a mountain mine in Peru, The Sun reports.

“We went to Peru with very little hope and expectation. And we’ve come back realizing as intelligent, rational people realizing that there’s a big story that has huge implications that could really just change the humanity story,” said Serena DC.

“It’s akin to finding Jesus’ shroud or the arc of the covenant.

“Maybe we don’t know our whole story. And then the other half is, why the f— are people trying to shut this down? Why is that happening?

“This discovery has been unfairly discredited, mostly by people too lazy to do even the most superficial investigation into the facts,” Michael Mazzola added.

“This isn’t about Jaime’s credibility or ours. The validity or lack thereof of these remarkable specimens will be determined by the science.

“The data coming out of Peru is extremely compelling and deserves to be replicated by scientists willing to do actual science instead of playing PR games.”

The Jaime that Mazzola is referring to is Jaime Maussan, who has on at least three occasions over the past few months presented a different set of “1,000-year-old alien corpses” to Congress in Mexico.

Maussan has claimed that 30% of the corpses’ DNA is “not from any known species.”

His aliens were supposedly discovered around 2017 in Cusco, Peru, near the pre-Columbian Nazca…

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