3 Lithium Stocks to Buy on the Dip: June 2024 3 Lithium Stocks to Buy on the Dip: June 2024 | Markets

While lithium prices may be down, these three lithium stocks could make a decade-defining comeback.

With demand for electric vehicles (EVs) decreasing, the original expectation and excitement around the lithium industry have somewhat lessened. Yet, that does not mean that the extraction of elemental lithium is an unworthy economic pursuit. Rather, both the price of lithium and the value of the companies extracting it have seen a price correction. This correction has resulted in a series of lithium stocks to buy on the dip before the next lithium-centered technology hits the market.

What is the reason for this? No matter whether it’s in an electric vehicle or smartphone, lithium is still the best element for making rechargeable batteries. Bearing this in mind, the current push toward even greater technological integration and renewable energy has kept the necessity of lithium extraction relevant.

As a result, investors willing to hold onto lithium stocks for the long run could see their fortunes grow as lithium deposits become more scarce and the price of the resource increases.

Arcadium Lithium (ALTM)

Perhaps one of the most well-rounded companies in the lithium market, Arcadium Lithium (NYSE:ALTM) has a deep history despite its relatively new…

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