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There are some penny stocks for massive ROI that investors should consider adding to their portfolios as we enter into this year’s second quarter.

Penny stocks are shares of small public companies that trade at low prices, typically below $5 per share. While they are considered highly speculative investments, penny stocks can offer several potential advantages and benefits for investors willing to take on higher risk.

Furthermore, penny stocks may improve risk-adjusted returns in bull markets due to their potential for significant price appreciation and leverage. In a bull market, when stock prices are generally rising, penny stocks can experience substantial gains as investor sentiment and risk appetite increase.

My view is that the broader indices such as the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq will continue to rise, so this could put these penny stocks for massive ROI in good step moving forward.

So here are seven penny stocks for investors to consider adding to their portfolios.

Grab Holdings (GRAB)

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Grab Holdings (NASDAQ:GRAB), a ride-hailing platform, has shown impressive revenue growth and is popular among hedge funds.

GRAB has long been one of my favorite penny stocks due to its strong presence in Southeast Asia and its expanding top and bottom lines. The developing economies of Vietnam and Thailand will be a boon for GRAB.

GRAB had a solid previous financial year, demonstrating a 65% year-over-year (YoY) revenue increase to $2.36 billion, surpassing its guidance. This growth was attributed to across all segments, incentive optimization, and a business model change in its delivery offerings.

The company also marked a 72% YoY improvement in its annual loss to $485 million, mainly due to better Group Adjusted EBITDA and lower fair value losses on investments.

Analysts have a positive…

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