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Today, Secret Base and Modus Games have brought the iconic Double Dragon franchise back with Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with support for Smart Delivery and Optimized for Xbox Series X|S — you can pick it up now on the Xbox Store!

We’ve introduced a few new features to the series and one of these new features is the ability to play as 13 different characters, each with their own unique moves and special attacks. Our goal was to ensure that no two characters would play the same. This means that not only does each character have different stats, but they also have diverse moves that change your playstyle and combat strategies. I’m going to give you a rundown of these fighters and their moves, which you can see in action in the launch trailer below.

Initial Characters

There are four characters that you can play as when you start the game, including the acclaimed Lee brothers, Billy and Jimmy. Billy is swift and flexible with his kick attacks, but deals less damage than his brother Jimmy, who has strong fist attacks but moves slower.

Joining them is a familiar face in Marian, who uses long-range attacks to wreak havoc thanks to the glass cannon from her police days. She struggles in close combat, but thankfully our fourth playable character, Uncle Matin, can step in with his shield. A former military man, Matin unleashes massive damage with shield attacks, and once the battle is over, enjoys a nice cup of tea.

As mentioned before, every character has three special moves that can be triggered once you have enough SP in your meter. These attacks wield heavy damage and can help when surrounded by a hoard of enemies. An example…

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