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Covid-19 closed down the Tokyo Motor Show four years ago and while the show has now returned, it has gone all politically correct in the meantime and now calls itself the Japan Mobility Show.

Japanese car makers had (mostly) put in an enormous effort to make their stands relevant and new: most of them turned up with a sports car as well – and one even came with a flying car…

Tokyo’s biennial show traditionally had a massive footfall of visitors, at one time up to 2.6 million, but it’s down to just over a million these days. Either way, this pared-down event is still internationally relevant.

This year’s event will be remembered as one full of supercar and sportscar reprisals.

While having “mobility” in the show’s name in Munich means fields full of bicycles, in Tokyo it means armadas of cute-looking battery-powered scooters, mobile market stalls, suitcases, postal-delivery vehicles and even a steerable Japanese tea verandah.

Of course, the Japanese have been making these ridiculous things for decades, but in the modern world they have been given free rein. An entire hall was given over to these trundling volt-powered velocipedes and at times the hall looked as crowded with mobility scooters as the average British seafront promenade.

In the emerging world of mobility, it seems, the last thing you want to be doing is walking…

Subaru’s flying car concept sported fidget spinner meets drone looks, but with a cockpit in the middle.

Most striking car: Subaru Air Mobility Concept

Flying cars are nothing new and there were several on show here, with Honda even displaying its own private jet powered with the company’s own jet engine.

Nothing, however, came close to the Subaru Air Mobility concept, which looked like nothing so much as an automotive fidget spinner, the palm-sized toy which spins your fingers on a central bearing.

This six-rotor ducted-fan aircraft was winched above the only slightly less futuristic two-door coupé with a…

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