A Serious Hidden Risk Is Built Into Virtually Every Car, Scientists Warn : ScienceAlert | Science

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When we set off on a car ride, we might not think about the chances of an accident, or any other risks – including the potentially dangerous materials that researchers have found in 99 percent of cabins tested in vehicles manufactured in the US since 2015.

These materials are fitted to meet flame retardant safety standards, but according to the US and Canadian team behind the new study, their inclusion may be causing more harm than good. They’re now asking for a rethink on the inclusion of these substances.

“Our research found that interior materials release harmful chemicals into the cabin air of our cars,” says environmental scientist Rebecca Hoehn from Duke University.

“Considering the average driver spends about an hour in the car every day, this is a significant public health issue.”

Exposure levels were higher in warmer weather. (Hoehn et al., Environmental Science & Technology, 2024)

In the air of 99 percent of the 101 cars analyzed, the researchers found tris (1-chloro-isopropyl) phosphate, or TCIPP. This flame retardant is also used in furniture and textiles, and is currently under investigation for its possible links to cancer.

In most vehicles they also found tris…

Source www.sciencealert.com

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