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Hey, Washers! Jess from FuturLab here to give you the low-down on PowerWash Simulator’s heaviest collaboration yet — the Back to the Future Special Pack! We’ve teamed up with the folks at Universal Games and Digital Platforms to transport you back in time onto various sets from the iconic “Back to the Future” trilogy from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment.

And, when given the chance to visit the past, you do what any person with a superior knowledge of future technology would do… powerwash! Well, introducing the world to rock ‘n’ roll was already taken!

As well as saving the Hill Valley Clocktower (from muck, this time), you will also get to spray down Doc Brown’s Van, the Time Machine, the Holomax Theater and Doc’s Time Train. Plus, you can collect 10 electrifying new achievements.

This Special Pack features some of our coolest animations to date, so to learn more about how we brought the timelessness of “Back to the Future” to life, I was joined by FuturLab Junior Animator Alannah Meek to share some of her secrets here with you all.

Bringing the Back to the Future Special Pack to Life

Environmental storytelling has always been a core aspect of PowerWash Simulator. From early on, clues were scattered like breadcrumbs throughout each map, adding to the narrative and breathing life into the setting.

The Back to the Future Special Pack represents the next evolution of animation in PowerWash Simulator. Fittingly, alongside this celebration of cinema, we’re bringing you our most cinematic animations yet. From ticking cogs to flying trains, this Special Pack has it all.  

“The Back to the Future Special Pack has more animation than its predecessors,” explains Meek. “Being able to interact with and wash all these moving parts brings so much more life and interactivity to the pack, allowing you to experience the world of Back to the Future to a greater extent and appreciate the finer details from…

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