A Threat-Modeling Framework for Embedded Devices | Cybersecurity

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May 13, 2024. Newsroom.

The MITRE Corporation has officially made available a new threat-modeling framework called EMB3D for makers of embedded devices used in critical infrastructure environments.

“The model provides a cultivated knowledge base of cyber threats to embedded devices, providing a common understanding of these threats with the security mechanisms required to mitigate them,” the non-profit said in a post announcing the move.

A draft version of the model, which has been conceived in collaboration with Niyo ‘Little Thunder’ Pearson, Red Balloon Security, and Narf Industries, was previously released on December 13, 2023.

EMB3D, like the ATT&CK framework, is expected to be a “living framework,” with new and mitigations added and updated over time as new actors, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors emerge, but with a specific focus on embedded devices.

The ultimate goal is to provide device vendors with a unified picture of different vulnerabilities in their technologies that are prone to attacks and the security mechanisms for mitigating those shortcomings.

Analogous to how ATT&CK offers a uniform mechanism for tracking and communicating threats, EMB3D aims to…

Source thehackernews.com

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