A16z opens applications for third Speedrun tech and games class for $75M accelerator | Gaming

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A16z opened applications for the latest Speedrun tech and games accelerator class — the third such class for the $75 million accelerator.

The A16z Games Speedrun accelerator will also move its location from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles. SR003, the third iteration of the intensive 12-week training program for game and tech entrepreneurs, will culminate in a Demo Day during SF Tech Week.

As part of its commitment to invest up to $75 million in some of the most promising pre-seed startups that will help shape the future of the games industry, A16z Games is raising its investment to $750,000 in each selected Speedrun company.

“Speedrun brings together tech and games, two worlds that sit on the frontline of massive transformations and attract some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs,” said Josh Lu, investing partner for A16z Games, in a statement. “What many founders don’t realize is that venture capital is a viable path to fund their games startup, and our Speedrun program not only provides capital support, but also a team of operators and partners who have worked across the games industry and can equip them with the knowledge that help them go from zero to launch. It has been inspiring and impressive to see what the Speedrun founders have been able to accomplish in such a short period of time, and we’re eager to see what ideas and products come out of SR003.”

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