Adobe Angers Ansel Adams Estate, Removes Inspired AI Stock Images | News World

Adobe has removed the filter for “generative AI” content when searching with the words “Ansel Adams,” but the AI toggle still appears for other more generic searches after the famous photographer’s estate told Adobe it was frustrated to find AI-generated images for sale using Adams’ name on Adobe Stock. The estate has been dealing with Adobe since August last year, The Verge first reported.

“Adobe you are officially on our last nerve with this behavior,” Adams’ Threads account, which is run by his estate, posted on Friday along with a screenshot of the offending images.

The screenshot shows six different black-and-white AI-generated images that mimic Adams’ style. One has the label “Nature’s Symphony: Ansel Adams-Style Landscape Photophraphy AI Generated.” Stock users were able to license the image for free with a subscription or opt for an extended license for about $80, but none of this money would have been going to Adams’ estate.

Adobe responded on Saturday saying it had…


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