Amazon, Meta, Microsoft used 2,500 times more electricity than Nigeria in 2022 —Report | Windows

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The big techs, Alphabet, owner of Google, as well as Amazon, and Microsoft consumed a total of 90 terawatt-hours of electricity in the year 2022. This is about 2,500 times the average of 36 gigawatt-hours generated by Nigeria in 2022, writes DARE OLAWIN

JPMorgan Chase, a bank, has calculated that Alphabet, Amazon’s cloud arm (aws), Meta and Microsoft consumed 90TWh of electricity in 2022, being over 89.9TWh than what the most populated country in Africa generated in the same year. This is about 2,500 times the average of 36 gigawatt-hours generated by Nigeria in 2022.

According to the data, the consumption was mostly before Chatgpt touched off the AI revolution in November of that year. The ensuing hoopla, according to the Economic Times, led the International Energy Agency, an official forecaster, to predict that data centres (including those dedicated to AI and equally energy-hungry cryptocurrencies) will eat up more than 800twh globally in 2026, double the amount in 2022.

The big techs were said to have collectively invested $40bn between January and March, most of it in data centres to deal with growing artificial intelligence workloads. Last…


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