Americans Boost Video Game Spending To $57.2 Billion, Marking 13% Digital Download Surge | Gaming

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In a recent joint report by the Entertainment Software Association and Circana, it was disclosed that consumer spending on video games in the U.S. amounted to $57.2 billion in 2023, marking an increase year-on-year of nearly $1 billion.

The breakdown revealed that consumers spent $48 billion on ‘video game content’, $6.6 billion on hardware, and $2.6 billion on peripherals and accessories, Insider Gaming reported.

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According to the report, there was a 13% increase in digital download spending in 2023 compared to the previous year.

ESA President Stanley Pierre-Louis emphasized the significance of these findings, stating: “These figures reinforce the position of the video game industry as a growth engine for the United States economy.”

He also highlighted the broad appeal of gaming, noting that “nearly two-thirds of Americans play video games regularly, cutting across all demographics and backgrounds.”

The report encompassed various aspects of consumer spending, including physical and digital game purchases, DLCs, microtransactions, subscriptions, hardware, and accessories.

The top-grossing games in the US in 2023 were identified as Hogwarts Legacy and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, while Monopoly GO and Candy Crush Saga led the mobile gaming charts.

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