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Honda recently released a quite unique (read: goofy) looking e-scooter, the Motocompacto, and I got the opportunity to take it on a test ride, and I think it’s safe to say that it made an impression.

While I get where Honda is coming from, a square design was chosen so that the scooter can easily be folded and stored. The idea is to fit in your car’s trunk or apartment easily. As the name suggests, the Motocompacto aims to be as compact as possible. I will say that the company did an excellent job in this area. I got to fold the bike multiple times and quickly got the hang of it.

Within a minute, it would turn from a full-fledged vehicle with wheels to a 40-pound suitcase with a handle for easy carrying. Living in a tiny Manhattan apartment with no bike room in the building, I am sold on the bike’s ability to fit under my bed when not in use.

The seat and handle can easily be docked inside the scooter’s body, a slim and long container for storing your belongings when the bike is in use. Because of its shape, it’s suitable for storing some things better than others. For instance, it won’t be able to accommodate your bag but can fit your laptop easily. It carried my jacket during my ride, which was pretty helpful.

You can cruise up to 15mph on the Motocompacto and ride for up to 12 miles. Both the speed and range are pretty ordinary for a $1000 e-scooter. It takes just 3.5 hours to charge fully. The charger is a cute, small Motocompacto-shaped brick that looks like a miniature version of the…

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