Ancient Snake and Centipede Carvings in South America Are among World’s Largest Rock Engravings | Technology & Science

Ancient Snake and Centipede Carvings Are among World’s Largest Rock Engravings

Enormous engraved rock art of anacondas, rodents and other animals along the Orinoco River in Colombia and Venezuela may have been used to mark territory 2,000 years ago

Artistic impressions of a mythical snake traversing the Orinoco River.

Skim along the Orinoco River on the border between Venezuela and Colombia, and you might catch glimpses ofa mythological spirit world engraved into rocks lining the riverbanks.

Depictions of anacondas, centipedes, human figures and giant rodents are among the engravings, which may hark back to myths told for more than 2,000 years. Now the first scientific documentation of this art finds that some of these engravings are among the largest in the world. Their size makes them visible from a distance, suggesting they were used as ancient signposts that told travelers along the prehistoric trade route whose territory they were entering and leaving. The…


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