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A bug introduced with this month’s Android 14 QPR2 update breaks Pixel Launcher Search settings so that you cannot disable people/contact or Play Store results.

Long-pressing on the Pixel Launcher for Home settings > Search settings lets you customize what “Search results” appear:

  • People: Show suggestions from your contacts and more.
  • Google Play Store: Show suggestions from the Google Play Store.

For example, when typing a contact name, they will appear in the list of search results with their profile image. You can tap to see their full contact, go to their conversation in Google Messages, or place a phone call. Meanwhile, you can search for an uninstalled app’s name and get a shortcut to the Play Store listing.

The Android 14 QPR2 March update breaks the settings so that you cannot disable those two result types. Even if you toggle them off, they will still appear in Pixel Launcher search.

This was not an issue on Android 14 QPR1, while the problem is also found on QPR2 Beta 2.

Some users don’t like how those options clutter their results. Hopefully, Google can fix this in time for the April security patch.

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