Android on the Rabbit R1 runs perfectly, almost like it was meant to | News World

As it turns out, Android can run on the Rabbit R1, and it isn’t some half-baked experience. It runs like Android was the intended OS, loaded onto the device from the factory.

The Rabbit R1 has been nothing but a controversial device. It’s one of a few devices that try to embody AI and do a rather disappointing job of it. It runs a custom OS built by Rabbit that’s based on the company’s LAMs.

As opposed to an LLM—large language model—an LAM is advertised as more sophisticated and able to incorporate action into its operating process. In fact, the purpose of the R1 is to take speech, recognize it, process it, and turn it into action. All of this is done in the cloud on Rabbit’s hardware somewhere else. The expected end result is that your commands are turned into actions for the device to complete.

That was the expected result. The Rabbit R1 ended up being a sluggish and incomplete device, delivering on nearly none of the…


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