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It’s no secret that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been having a bit of trouble recently, yet it remains big and profitable enough to keep the spark alive and shift plans around so the upcoming big-screen releases and Disney+ shows are much better. Now, Anthony Mackie is adding his voice to that of the critics’, despite, you know, playing the new Captain America.

The actor, who’s now shooting Captain America: Brave New World – which arrives on February 14, 2025, after big strike-related delays and rewrites – is currently promoting the international release of 2023’s pretty solid Twisted Metal TV adaptation. Of course, he was asked about the Marvel sandbox and had a spicy take about its limitations.

Via Radio Times, the actor explained the decades and decades of source material available to pluck storylines and character arcs from often restrict the narrative possibilities of the movies and series they make for. “I would say the Marvel thing is completely different, just because it’s such a space of controlled entertainment,” he said, “Like, there’s only so much you can do. There’s only so much creativity you can bring to the table, because Stan Lee gave us so much content…it’s like, you can’t really go outside of the lines of those comic books.”

While he’s got a bit of a point, Marvel has to honour what’s written on the pages to a certain degree, I’d say it’s a strange way to look at Marvel Studios’ recent quality control problems, since these criticisms were far less common among Marvel actors when the studio was…

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