Apple announces visionOS 2, with 3D photo transformations and ultrawide Mac display | News World

Apple has announced visionOS 2, the second version of the Vision Pro’s operating system, aiming to bring a lot of features that users have been asking for since launch.

Apple updated its Photos app to let you tap a button to create spatial photos using older images that weren’t already spatial to begin with. VisionOS 2 will also have train support, so the Vision Pr’s travel mode will no longer be limited to just airplanes.

The company also updated the Mac virtual display feature, offering the equivalent of two 4K displays with a new virtual ultrawide display option. With the ultrawide option turned on, the display spreads out in front of users like a curved ultrawide monitor would.

Apple also said that Canon is releasing a new EOS spatial lens designed specifically for creating content for the Vision Pro. And the company says it will be releasing its first scripted immersive video for the platform.

As flashy as it is, the Vision Pro is very much still a first-generation…


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