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So far, the biggest surprise about May 7’s “Let Loose” event is that it’s happening at all. We’re just over a month out from Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference, and yet the company determined there was enough news to warrant a stand-alone event. iPads (including the iPad Pro and iPad Air) will be the focus, while the long-neglected Apple Pencil is finally getting some love. It was, after all, the focal point of the event’s invite.

Rumors have also begun swirling around a potential M4 announcement. If true, it would represent a key change to Apple’s silicon release cadence, though that hasn’t exactly been consistent over the year. The likeliest reason for the change is Microsoft’s expected release of first-party, ARM-based silicon at its Build conference at the end of the month. Speculation has it that Microsoft’s AI-focused silicon will smoke Apple’s M3 chips.

It’s only been roughly seven months since Apple announced a trio of M3 chips. That’s a quick turnaround for a replacement chip, but keep in mind, the company is believed to have been working toward a more staggered release schedule last year, only to have those plans gunked up…


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