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The MacBook lineup has fallen deeper into an identity crisis. The new MacBook Air M3 is a straightforward improvement over its predecessor, with the same sleek, Pro-like design with tucked-away speakers and four-color options. The trackpad is still smooth as a Zamboni’d ice rink. Combined with a few new quality-of-life features, the experience has only gotten more refined.

But the MacBook lineup is more crowded than ever, with the 13-inch Air, 15-inch Air, and base model 14-inch Pro jostling for space. And the base models, which start at $1,099 for the 13-inch and $1,299 for the 15-inch, still don’t come with enough memory or storage for the price. That makes it easy to get sucked into a dizzying array of upgrades that can cost you hundreds of dollars. So even though the MacBook Air itself is better than ever, it’s the hardest it’s ever been to figure out what MacBook you should buy.

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