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A new iMac—and possibly new MacBook Pros—may arrive as early as this month.

Apple’s last update for the iMac came in April 2021; however, a new 24-inch iMac is reportedly on the way and may launch by the end of October, Bloomberg reports.

In his weekly PowerOn newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that supplies of the iMac, 13-13-inch MacBook Pro, and high-end MacBook Pro are currently low in stores as Apple prepares to launch the newest models. Also, if you try to order these PCs from Apple’s retail store, they won’t ship until November, suggesting new models may be on the way.

While we’ll likely see the launch of the 24-inch iMac this month, Gurman says Apple will probably launch a new Pro version of the computer in late 2024 or 2025. Apple debuted the pricey iMac Pro in December 2017 and discontinued it in 2021. Gurman, however, says the iMac Pro was “tabled but never canceled” and that a 32-inch version is on tap, making it the largest iMac in Apple history. You’ll just have to wait another year or so.

On the MacBook front, Gurman previously said an M3 MacBook Pro probably won’t happen until 2024. But “Apple has made headway on new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros,” he said. We got new MacBook Pros in January, “so an additional update the same year would be unusual, but not inconceivable,” according to Gurman.

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Gurman says he expects the launch to happen on Oct. 30 or 31 ahead of Apple’s earnings call on Nov. 2. Typically the company holds earnings calls in late October. The last time the call was scheduled for November was in 2018 after an iPad and Mac event on Oct. 30.

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