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In a first for Apple, the company is partnering with an in-person gym to provide members with access to Apple Fitness+. Starting in December, Anytime Fitness members will gain access to the digital workout service for no additional charge.

Crossover membership

The partnership officially goes live on December 1 for Anytime Fitness members in the US and Canada. The crossover membership includes perks for existing Fitness+ members as well as prospective Anytime Fitness members.

Existing Fitness+ subscribers who sign up for a minimum 13-month Anytime Fitness membership get the first 30 days of club access at no charge. For prospective members on an Anytime Fitness free trial, three months of Fitness+ access will be included.

App integration

In addition to crossover membership, Anytime Fitness will integrate directly with Fitness+ through its iOS app:

The membership includes a supportive network of Anytime Fitness coaches who design personalized plans focused on training, nutrition, and recovery, all accessed and managed via the Anytime Fitness App, to help people reach their fitness and wellness goals. For the first time ever, the personalized plans within the Anytime Fitness iOS app will include an integration of Apple Fitness+ workout content for coaches to recommend to their clients.

Jay Blahnik, Apple’s VP of fitness technologies, had this to say:

Since the beginning of Apple Fitness+, we always imagined users would enjoy it anytime, anywhere whether at home or at the gym, which is why we are so excited to offer our users and Anytime Fitness members this unmatched experience that brings together the best of digital and physical fitness.

Apple Fitness+ was designed to be welcoming to all no matter where they are in their fitness journey, so whether members are looking for a supplement to their coaching through Anytime Fitness or guidance for how to get started on their fitness journey at the gym, there is…

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