Apple starts replacing titanium Apple cards from 2019 batch | Technology

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Apple to recycle old titanium cards as replacements are issued.

Apple has begun notifying users of the first-generation titanium Apple Card rolled out in 2019 about its upcoming expiration and replacement.

The first physical Apple Cards are nearing expiration in July 2024 for those who signed up for the service in 2019. The cards are known for their unique design and absence of traditional card numbers, which Apple bills as a privacy feature.

In an ongoing email campaign to its customers, Apple assures that the replacement cards will be sent to the billing addresses on file and should arrive within two weeks from the notice date.

“We’re sending a replacement titanium card to your billing address so you can continue to use it at physical locations. Remember, even without a physical card you can always use your Apple Card at any location that accepts Apple Pay. Your new titanium card will be shipped within 2 weeks from the date of this communication.”

“You can continue to use your titanium card until it expires or you activate the…”


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