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Niantic announced today that it’s rolling out support for its 8th Wall Metaversal Deployment to the Apple Vision Pro headset. This means that creators who build apps for other mixed reality headsets can now deploy them easily to Apple’s headset without having to do as much extra work. They also have access to the Vision Pro’s complete VR environment.

Metaversal Deployment is Niantic’s solution for distribution of mixed reality experiences via WebAR. It allows developers to deploy spatial computing across multiple platforms. It was originally launched in 2021 for mobile devices and computers, but it was updated in 2023 to include support for the Meta Quest 3.

According to Niantic, the Apple Vision Pro offers unique opportunities for 8th Wall developers despite a lack of camera access to the browser. Developers instead can use the Vision Pro’s advanced VR capabilities to create an asymmetrical experience across multiple platforms.

Tom Emrich, Niantic’s director of product, augmented reality platforms, said in a statement, “At Niantic, we are committed to providing developers with tools that work across a new consumer device ecosystem which now includes headsets like the Apple Vision Pro. With a category of MR headsets now available for consumers. cross-device content creation has become critical for developers who want to engage as many users as possible. We continue to make this a reality with our web…

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