Apple Vision Pro users say they’re being tormented by curious onlookers when they wear $3,500 augmented reality device on street…as bizarre videos of them using it emerge | Tech

Apple Vision Pro users say they are being gawked at by curious onlookers whenever they wear the $3,500 gadget in public.

Early adopters of the augmented reality device have shared bizarre videos of themselves typing on invisible keyboards and even sporting the kit while behind the wheel.

The Apple Vision Pro is ‘a spatial computer that blends digital content and apps into your physical space, and lets you navigate using your eyes, hands, and voice’, according to its manufacturer.

In simple terms, it lets you enjoy virtual reality features while still letting you see the world around you.

The tech was released in the US on February 2 and Apple sold out of its pre-orders on January 19, selling 200,000 devices. It has already been making waves, but not all the attention has been positive.

Users report being criticized for covering their faces and stared at by passersby who don’t realize they can be seen, with others saying they’re frequently asked to try the pricey device on – much to their disdain.

Apple Vision Pro users say they are being stared at by curious onlookers whenever they wear the $3,500 gadget in public.

Nikias Molina turned heads when he decided to use the augmented reality device to type while on the subway. He showed a view of what he could see while wearing the device.

Dante Lentini stunned social media users when he uploaded a video of him using the device while behind the wheel of his Tesla Y model in autopilot mode.

Nikias Molina travelled from Barcelona to New York to purchase a device and filmed himself typing on an invisible keyboard much to the astonishment of other subway users.

On his flight back to Spain, he was…

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