Apple’s Huge AI Announcement Is a Chatbot and an Image Generator, Which Is the Exact Same Boring Offering as Microsoft, Google and Meta | News World

That’s it?

Generating a Blank

Tech giant Apple has finally shown off its particular take on artificial intelligence tech — and we can’t shake the feeling that we’ve seen this all before.

During today’s kickoff of the company’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple unveiled what it’s calling “Apple Intelligence,” a set of machine learning features to be integrated across its desktop and mobile platforms.

The system’s “new” capabilities are a very familiar mishmash of AI stuff we’ve seen before from other companies, including integrating generative AI into Siri and a surprisingly basic image generator that can create “Genmojis” while chatting.

In other words, most of Apple’s huge and much-hyped AI play amounts to a chatbot and an image generator — the exact two products we’ve already seen from Microsoft, Google, Meta, and pretty much any other tech outfit caught up in the AI hype game.

Nothing about today’s lukewarm announcement is remotely surprising, and Apple is clearly playing…


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