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Back in February, Google One AI Premium launched as the way to access Gemini Advanced and Gemini for Workspace. As we head into I/O 2024, are you paying for Gemini?

Google One AI Premium costs $19.99 per month (in the US) with two main features. Gemini Advanced gives you access to the 1.0 Ultra model online and in the mobile app. Then there’s Gemini for Workspace:

  • Gmail: Help me write
  • Google Docs: Help me write + Proofread
  • Google Sheets: Help me organized + enhanced Smart Fill suggestions
  • Google Slides: Create image with Gemini + remove the background of images
  • Google Meet: Create custom backgrounds + studio look, studio lighting and studio sound

With the functionality offered today, are you subscribed to Google One AI Premium?

As someone still subscribed to AI Premium after the free two-month trial, it’s unfortunate that Google doesn’t offer an annual plan with some savings. For comparison, Google offers a 5 TB plan for $249.99 per year ($24.99 / month) with savings of 16%, which currently has “limited-time access to AI Premium features through July 31, 2024, at no extra cost.”

One thing that has slightly increased…


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