Ascending: League of Peoples, Book 5 (Unabridged) – Apple Audio Book

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Oar is the last of her kind – a resident of the so-called “planet of no return”, once the Admiralty’s dumping ground for undesirables and those who had become expendable. Oar’s transparent body is indestructible. Yet the mind it houses grows weary and will soon surrender to the catatonic torpor that has already claimed the others of her genetically altered human race. But Oar cannot sleep, not yet. There are powerful forces seeking her destruction for reasons unknown. There are old allies who need her assistance and a true history that must be revealed. There is much Oar must accomplish before the “apathetic hibernation” overcomes her, though time is decidedly her enemy. Together with her friend, Admiral Festina Ramos, she must find her final destiny … and in a vast and volatile universe, destiny is never a sure thing.

By James Alan Gardner

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