Asia Pacific continues to lead aviation recovery | News

Daily passenger jet flight activity has increased across most regions over recent days, with the recovery led by the Asia Pacific.

On November 10th, the region saw total arrivals down just under 36 percent compared with the equivalent day last year.

North America was down 46, percent, followed by Latin America (down 51 percent) and Middle East (down 60 percent).

The new data was released by travel data and analytics expert Cirium.

The notable exception was Europe where weekly average flight arrivals have dropped to nearly 67 percent below last year’s level, setting the continent’s recovery back to a level of decline last seen in mid-July.

Rising Covid-19 cases and re-imposed national lockdowns in countries including France and the UK have prompted many of the region’s airlines to further pare back capacity and return some aircraft to storage.

There remained a huge disparity in the level of international flights versus domestic, with cross-border services languishing at 76 percent below last year compared with 34 percent fewer for intra-country operations.

On November 11th, Cirium classified 31 percent of the global passenger jet fleet as having in-storage status, equivalent to just over 8,100 aircraft.

However, in Europe, the proportion was over 35 percent, whereas only 21 percent of passenger jets operated by Asia Pacific carriers were inactive.

UK Aviation

In terms of scheduled flights from the UK, the airline which reduced its schedules the most following the lockdown announcement was EasyJet, with scheduled departures down 49 percent last week compared to the previous seven days.

British Airways cut scheduled flights from the UK by only six percent compared to the previous week.

However, this was still down 75 percent compared to the same period last year.

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