Astronomers Struggle to Explain Why Ancient Black Holes Are Nowhere to Be Found | News World

This theory could change our understanding of the early universe.

Black Magic

When the Big Bang gave birth to our universe 13.8 billion years ago, one of the first things to emerge from that nascent cauldron of hot, homogeneous matter was black holes. But they would’ve been a tad different from the ones we know today.

Known as primordial black holes, these ancient objects are thought to be incredibly small — perhaps even the size of an atom — and extremely numerous. Yet, despite their crucial role in our understanding of the early universe, they remain hypothetical, as astronomers have never been able to actually find any in the cosmic microwave background (CMB), the remnants of the oldest light in the universe.

That threatens to poke a few, well, holes in popular cosmological models. Now, a team of researchers says they have an explanation, as detailed in a pair of new studies: there may simply be way fewer primordial black holes than once believed.

“… Many researchers feel they…”


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