ASUS reveals new Zenbook, Vivobook, TUF Gaming, and ROG Zephyrus Copilot+ PCs at Computex 2024 | Windows

What you need to know

  • ASUS announced new AI PCs from its Zenbook, Vivobook, ROG Zephyrus, and TUF Gaming lineups at Computex 2024.
  • The laptops are powered by AMD’s “Zen 5” Ryzen AI 300 processors also announced at Computex.
  • Thanks to strong NPU performance, the ASUS laptops make the cut for advanced Copilot+ AI features in Windows 11.
  • Also announced were three new ProArt portable studios, including the ProArt PZ13 as a Surface Pro competitor with Snapdragon X.

The “Great Reset” in the Windows PC industry, as dubbed by our Editor-in-Chief Daniel Rubino, is well underway with new Copilot+ PCs sporting ARM64 Snapdragon X chips, but AMD’s “Zen 5” Ryzen AI 300 chips announced at Computex are already boasting a more powerful Neural Processing Unit (NPU) compatible with Copilot+ AI features in Windows 11.

ASUS followed up AMD’s Ryzen AI 300 announcement by unveiling a bunch of new AI PCs from its Zenbook, Vivobook, ROG Zephyrus, and TUF Gaming lineups. They’re looking like some mighty impressive Windows laptops for a wide range of users, and we’ve laid out all the details we could find so…


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