Audi updates equipment and prices of its lineup for 2023 model year


Not to be outdone by other automakers or the inflation, Audi has announced the new prices for its fleet starting in the second half of the year. Trying to sweeten the blow a bit the company also increased the levels of standard equipment. Audi tries putting a positive spin on the announcement by adding that by the end of 2022 it will be the luxury brand with the most electric vehicles sold – that is a one bold claim, time will tell if it is right. There are a bunch of changes, but our focus is obviously on Audi’s e-Tron EVs.

The 2023 e-tron and e-tron Sportback from now on will come with black headliner as standard, 22” wheels are standard now with Prestige trim as well as orange brake calipers, rear side airbags, illuminated seat belt buckles and Matrix headlights. The e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback get carbon inlays and updated LED interior lights. In the US the federal tax credit remains in place and is worth $7,500.

E-tron GT gets plenty of updates as well – starting with the new grille that used to be gray, now it will come in the color of the car, passengers get a second charging port. Audi is also including anti-theft wheel bolts as standard and adds a TOLL module to the mirror for hassle-free cruising through the toll booths on 20” all season tires. Bang and Olufsen audio system is now standard and Prestige trim adds 21” wheels in bi-color black finish and to round it off the rear seats are now heated and the interior gets new LED lights.

Audi updates equipment and prices for 2023

Lots of changes, if you are ordering your new Audi e-tron make sure you go through the checklist carefully. The price changes and upgrades kick in from 2023 model year, which means vehicles built in H2 2022.


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