Australia Covid live news update: ACT extends lockdown after 13 cases; 1,164 cases in NSW and three deaths; Victoria 76 cases | Australia news

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I think the national plan talks about a 70% rate continuing to minimise cases in the community through ongoing low-level restrictions and effective track and trace and says that lockdowns are less likely but still possible.

And that the objective is to seek to minimise serious illness, hospitalisation and fatalities.

As a result of Covid-19, keeping low-level restrictions in place.

We have talked a lot about the three effective measures we have to combat the virus.

Vaccination is a very significant one, it is the most effective thing we can do, but the two others test, trace, isolate and quarantine compose our response and the third is the public health safety measures.

The national plan talks about a very gentle step at 70%. A more significant step will be taken at 80%.

As I have outlined here, based on the ACT’s vaccination rates, by the time the nation reaches 70%, based on our current trends the ACT will be at 80% and by the time the nation reaches 80%, the ACT will be closer to 90%.

Now again, the national plan is very clear that in order to move to the next stage in that plan, both the national position and the individual jurisdiction must both be above the threshold. So it is a little bit academic for the ACT at 70%, because we will be at 80% by the time the nation reaches 70%.

But I have higher aspirations for protecting our community than just 80%.

Based on what we have seen already from the age cohorts who have had access to vaccination.

So the higher the vaccination rates we achieve, the more protected our community is and the less we have to rely on TTIQ and public health safety measures.

So the higher the national vaccination radius, the less we have to rely on those other two measures. So what we need is more Australians to get vaccinated more quickly. And we’re seeing that in New South Wales and we are seeing it in the ACT and I hope we see it across the nation.