Authorities Seize ‘Alien Mummy’s Foot’ From UFO Museum | UAP Video

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A mysterious “mummy’s foot” supposedly belonging to an alien was recently discovered and seized by authorities during a raid on a UFO museum.

The raid of the UFO museum in Argentina coincides with journalist and UFOlogist Jaime Maussan’s ongoing claims that he discovered two three-fingered “non-human alien corpses” in the city of Cusco, Peru.

Maussan’s “1,000-year-old aliens” were allegedly found in Peruvian diatom (algae) mines and, according to Maussan, who has on multiple occasions over the past few months presented sets of “alien corpses” to Congress in Mexico and claiming that 30% of the corpses’ DNA is “not from any known species.”

Because of his presentations in Mexico, Maussan became the subject of a criminal investigation by Peruvian officials.

In a similar investigation, Interpol agents and the Department of the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of the Federal Police to raid the Museo del Ovni (“UFO Museum” in English) in the locale of Victoria in Argentina.

Around 60 exhibits were seized in the raid, including the supposed foot of an alien mummy.

According to…


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