Back And Busy: Aerolineas Argentinas Resumes International Flights

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Aerolíneas Argentinas is looking to restore its international connectivity after more than a year and a half operating only a few routes and flights due to the many travel restrictions in the South American country. In November, the State carrier will add frequencies to ten international destinations. Let’s investigate further.

Aerolíneas Argentinas is increasing its international connectivity. Photo: Getty Images.

Aerolíneas Argentinas back in the game

Argentina has kept a strict travel restrictions policy to minimize the COVID-19 cases throughout the country. These regulations have kept Aerolíneas Argentinas operating at minimum levels for quite some time now.

Nevertheless, the end of the travel restrictions is in sight. On October 19, the Argentinian Government will lift the daily international quota, which allowed only a few international travelers to enter the country. Then, on November 1, Argentina will allow entrance to every foreigner, as long as they have received a complete vaccination scheme against COVID-19.

Following these two announcements, Aerolíneas Argentinas started working towards relaunching its international connectivity. The State carrier is happy because the lifting of travel restrictions came just in time for the summer season in the Southern hemisphere.

While there’s still a long way to go before Aerolíneas Argentinas recovers fully, this is a first and very needed step.

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Where is Aerolíneas Argentinas flying?

In November, Aerolíneas Argentinas will add frequencies to ten destinations throughout America. According to a statement by the airline, it will have more flights to Bogota, Lima, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Punta del Este, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Miami, and New York.

Moreover, in December, Aerolíneas Argentinas will restart flying to Cancun and in January to Punta Cana.

Next month, Aerolíneas will have two daily flights to Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Santiago de Chile; one daily flight to Montevideo and Punta del Este in Uruguay; three weekly flights to Bogota (Colombia), Lima (Peru), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and two weekly flights to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), and Asunción (Paraguay).

In December, Aerolíneas will add three weekly flights to Cancun (Mexico) and three weekly flights to Punta Cana (the Dominican Republic) one month later.

Regarding its flights to the US, Aerolíneas will have nine weekly frequencies to Miami and three to New York in November.

Pablo Ceriani, Aerolíneas Argentinas CEO, said,

“We’re adding more flights to Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru because these markets are always willing to visit Argentina. Tourism is essential to our country’s economy; it creates new jobs and brings revenue the country desperately needs.”

When will Aerolíneas Argentinas recover?

In November, Aerolíneas Argentinas has scheduled 5,118 flights, according to Cirium’s database. Compared to 2019 levels, that’s a 47.2% decrease in the number of monthly operations.

Nevertheless, Aerolíneas Argentinas is hopeful it will soon recover its pre-pandemic capacity.

Domestically, Aerolíneas Argentinas plans to have 80% of its pre-pandemic capacity towards the end of the year. It will have a full recovery during 2022’s first quarter.

Meanwhile, the international market will take a little longer to bounce back, according to Pablo Ceriani. He said,

“Even if the international market takes longer to recover, we are generating profit in the route between Buenos Aires and Miami, something that we haven’t seen in many years before.”

Currently, Aerolíneas Argentinas has a fleet of 77 aircraft. Of this number, 50 airplanes are active and 27 inactive, according to ch-aviation. Moreover, the State carrier expects to receive 11 planes in the near future, including nine B737 MAX 8.

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