Baidu With Waymo-level Robotaxi Wants to Work With Tesla on Robotaxi in China | Science & Technology

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On May 15, Xu Baoqiang, general manager of Baidu’s autonomous driving vehicle department, said in an interview that Baidu is considering potential collaboration opportunities with Tesla for the latter’s upcoming Robotaxi service. The decision will be based on Tesla’s specific application models and the timing of their entry into the Chinese market.

For those that say Tesla FSD is not as good as Waymo, why would a company with Waymo-level robotaxi technology want to use Tesla FSD?

Apollo Go currently offers robotaxi services in over 10 cities in China, standing out as the first company to provide fully driverless robotaxi service in cities including Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Chongqing.

Baidu has its Apollo robotaxi service operating in China and has about as many robotaxi vehicles and mileage as Google’s Waymo service. Baidu is operating in more cities than Waymo or any other robotaxi service. Baidu will have more robotaxi vehicles than Waymo by the end of this year. Baidu Apollo is using the same Lidar technology as Waymo.

Baidu is a leading AI company with strong internet foundation, proudly announced a significant operation upgrade for Apollo Go, its autonomous…


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