Besiege’s expansion getting five free levels, extra challenges in response to player feedback | Gaming

Construct ‘n’ destruct sim Besiege recently got a splashy expansion in The Splintered Sea, which Nic enjoyed a lot in his review while calling it compact, small and brisk. Apparently Nic wasn’t alone in this opinion: its developers now say they’re working on a free update that will expand the expansion and make its campaign 50% longer.

The update will add five new levels to The Splintered Sea and will release on July 22nd.

One of the levels will feature a tentacle beast that can rip apart your vessels, as seen in one of the previous Splintered Sea trailers. Another will challenge your steering, by having you build a small ship you need to guide through a series of closing gates. Apparently another will feature a battle against a swarm of sharks.

“We’ve also…


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