Best Binoculars (2024): Nikon, Celestron, Swarovski, Zeiss | Technology

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One caveat: Cabela’s frequently sells the pre-2018 model of these at a steep discount but doesn’t label it as such. I have not tested that model, and while the deal is pretty good, the optics are definitely different and potentially inferior.

More Great 10×42 Binoculars

  • Best luxury upgrade: Maven B1.2 42mm ED Binoculars for $1,000. These are in my top three all-time best list. If you can afford these, but not the Leicas, don’t feel bad. Images are clear, sharp, and crisp with no distortion or softness in the edges. I used them every day for two months and only noticed purple fringing once. They’re expensive but well worth the money.
  • Budget pick: Nikon Monarch M5 10×42 for $267. These are the stronger-magnification version of our top pick, and everything I say about those holds true for the 10×42 as well. For those on a budget, these are a great 10×42 option.
  • Another good budget pick: Celestron Regal ED 10×42 for $320. The Celestron Regal EDs are what I call a sleeper deal. That is to say, you’ll find very little information about these online, but they’re excellent binoculars, and the price is almost impossible to beat. You get great field of view (6.5 degrees), a sharp clear…


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