Big CX News from Microsoft, Samsung, Twilio & First Horizon Bank | Windows

This week’s biggest CX news stories include a new contact center platform from Microsoft, a Samsung and AWS collaboration, and a fresh Twilio CCaaS application.

Elsewhere, First Horizon Bank has received backlash for its ‘interesting’ new AI-powered contact center tool.

Here are the extracts from some of our most popular news stories over the last seven days.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center is now generally available.

First announced on June 4, the CCaaS solution is “copilot-first” and designed to wrap around an organization’s CRM system.

That doesn’t have to be a Dynamics product. Indeed, the offering is CRM-agnostic.

To the CRM, the CCaaS platform adds voice and digital channels, IVR technology from Nuance, unified routing, real-time reporting, and more.

Additionally, sentiment and intent analysis, transcription, and translation tools will help funnel more insight into the CRM, allowing businesses to build a “360-degree…


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