Bloomberg: John Ternus emerging as the most likely successor to Tim Cook as Apple CEO | Technology

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A new report from Bloomberg today gives an in-depth look at who could replace Tim Cook as Apple’s CEO, who has held the title since 2011 and turns 64 this year. While the report says there’s “no reason to assume that a change at the helm is imminent,” there are multiple possibilities as to who could eventually take over.

The report, which is based on conversations with “several people familiar with Apple’s inner workings,” says that if a change was made soon, Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams would almost certainly take the reins as CEO:

“If Cook were to step down soon, these people say, he would almost assuredly be replaced by Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, who emerged as the top candidate to be Cook’s successor a few years ago.”

“But Williams, who’s 61 this year, is only two years Cook’s junior, and company insiders say they think it’s now unlikely he’ll be the new long-term chief. Apple’s board would probably want an executive who, like Cook and Jobs, would stick around for at least a decade. “If you asked me five years ago, it was very clear Jeff was leading the pack to become CEO,” says one longtime Apple…”


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