Boeing Keeps Making Excuses to Push Back First Astronaut Launch | News World

Try as it might, Boeing simply can’t get its plagued Starliner spacecraft off the ground.

On Saturday, Boeing had to scrub the launch of its much-maligned astronaut shuttle once again due to a delay triggered by an automated computer system. Poor NASA astronauts Sunita Williams and Butch Wilmore, who were expecting to finally make it to the International Space Station, are still grounded at press time, waiting for the space company to get its act together.

Engineers later discovered that the flight was stopped short 3 minutes and 50 seconds from liftoff by the three redundant computer racks being six seconds out of sync, triggering an automated hold.

Boeing and NASA are now eying Wednesday or Thursday of this week for yet another try.

The scrub follows many years of delays, technical hiccups, and a failed uncrewed attempt to reach the ISS — a laundry list of missteps, misjudgments, and bad luck.

Last year, NASA and Boeing discovered flammable tape inside the spacecraft as well as…


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