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A new way of creating color uses the scattering of light of specific wavelengths around tiny, almost perfectly round silicon crystals. This Kobe University development enables non-fading structural colors that do not depend on the viewing angle and can be printed. The material has a low environmental and biological impact and can be applied extremely thinly, promising significant weight improvements over conventional paints.

Above -The nanospheres in a methanol suspension have different colors than when applied to a surface as a monolayer. The Kobe University researchers explain, “This is due to the multiple scattering, i.e., blue light subsides during consecutive scattering by absorption, while red light survives.” © FUJII Minoru (CC BY)

A scanning electron micrograph of the nanosphere monolayer shows almost perfectly round particles of uniform size and only small regions of voids or agglomerates. © FUJII Minoru (CC BY)

An object has color when light of a specific wavelength is reflected. With traditional pigments, this happens by molecules absorbing other colors from white light, but over time this interaction makes the molecules degrade and the color fades. Structural colors, on the other hand, usually arise when light is reflected from parallel nanostructures set apart at just the right distance so that only light of certain wavelengths will survive while others are cancelled out, reflecting only the color we see. This phenomenon can be seen in wings of butterflies or feathers of peacocks, and has the advantage that the colors don’t degrade.

But from an industrial point of view, neatly arranged nanostructures cannot be painted or printed easily, and the color depends on the viewing angle, making the material iridescent.

Kobe University material…

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