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The European Union (EU) passed the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in 2022 and asked companies to comply with its interoperability regulation in 2024. In March 2024, Meta complied with the DMA and enabled interoperability on WhatsApp and Messenger in the EU. So what is interoperability in messaging apps and should companies embrace it? In this piece, I take a look at interoperability in messaging apps and probe further into its advantages and disadvantages.

A Case for Interoperability in Messaging Apps

Let’s first briefly understand what interoperability is in the context of messaging apps. Take the example of emails. You can send an email from Gmail to an Outlook user seamlessly. You don’t need to have an Outlook account to send emails to Outlook users. Similarly, an Outlook user can send an email to a Gmail or Yahoo user without any friction. This works across all email services.

A point closer to home: the way UPI works in India. You can send money from PhonePe to a GPay user without having a GPay account. It works across all UPI apps.

That is the essence of interoperability. A service that can operate beyond its platform and communicate with other…


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