Building materials for water-rich planets in the early solar system | News World

Age data for certain classes of meteorite have made it possible to gain new findings on the origin of small water-rich astronomical bodies in the early solar system. These so-called planetesimals continually supplied building materials for planets — also for the Earth, whose original material contained little water. The Earth received its actual water through planetesimals, which emerged at low temperatures in the outer solar system. Ice was available there as solid-state water — unlike with small bodies which had evolved earlier and were too hot for that, being closer to the sun. Computational models carried out by an international research team, with participation by earth scientists from Heidelberg University, have shown this on the basis of the age data, from which they were also able to read the parent bodies’ thermal evolution.

The planets of our solar system formed together with their mother star, and the Earth did likewise, emerging about 4.5 billion years ago around the…


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