NASA Snaps Photos of Underwater ‘Sharkcano’ Erupting | Smart News

A 2015 expedition found two species of sharks living in the hot, acidic water near Kavachi, thus earning it the nickname “Sharkcano.” NASA Earth Observatory / Joshua Stevens An underwater…

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NASA’s Mars InSight lander snaps dusty ‘final selfie’ as power dwindles

NASA’s InSight lander is completely caked with a thick layer of Martian dust in its latest selfie, which the agency says will likely be the last of the mission. The…

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NASA’s Perseverance rover sends back Mars soundscape

Nearly two years after its launch, and almost 18 months after landing on Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover has hours of audio recordings from the red planet’s atmosphere. So, what does…

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NASA rejects reports claiming propellant leakage in SpaceX capsule of ISS mission

NASA has rejected a report that claimed a propellant leak in the SpaceX Dragon capsule which flew during the first all-private astronaut mission to the International Space Station (ISS). According…

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Potential new meteor shower is ‘all or nothing event,’ says NASA astronomer

A blast of new meteors may emerge during a tau Herculid meteor shower on May 30 and 31, but that’s not a sure thing. NASA astronomer Bill Cooke termed the…

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Dusty NASA images show why its Mars lander will soon run out of power

After detecting over 1,300 Martian quakes, NASA’s InSight lander will soon run out of power. A thick layer of red dust has coated the landmark robot’s solar panels, depriving the…

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NASA Astronaut Heard Rumor of Being Abandoned in Space From His Wife

Honey… Left Behind It turns out that a March rumor that the Russians might abandon an American astronaut aboard the ISS made its way to the astronaut in question in a…

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NASA: Almost 2 km wide ‘Potentially Hazardous’ asteroid approaching Earth; Know the risks

In just two days, this almost two kilometers wide potentially hazardous asteroid will come dangerously close to the Earth, says NASA. Will it hit? Find out NASA: So far, the…

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Nearly Mach 10: Meet NASA’s X-43 Hypersonic Aircraft

NASA’s X-43 Experimental Unmanned Hypersonic Aircraft – Much is made today about efforts to develop hypersonic weapons, and the worrisome fact that the United States is “lagging” behind the efforts…

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NASA denies SpaceX Crew Dragon propellant leak report, reveals unrelated heat shield defect

In a partial response to a report alleging evidence of several significant anomalies during a recent private astronaut launch that could affect a crew of NASA astronauts launched last month,…

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Japan will send an astronaut to the moon with NASA, President Biden says

Japanese astronauts will ride on NASA Artemis missions to the moon, and potentially even reach the surface, amid an interagency push to expand lunar exploration. President Joe Biden and Japanese…

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The World’s First Space Tourist That NASA Doesn’t Want You To Know About | by Marie Kester | May, 2022

NASA hasn’t changed much or has it? Dennis Tito (left) with space crew on the ISS, Image Source Contrary to popular belief, space tourism is not new. In fact, it’s…

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NASA: The most spectacular meteor shower in years to take places on THIS date

In just about a week’s time, Earth will be greeted by one of the brightest meteor showers in years, according to NASA. Find out details about this meteor shower and…

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NASA plans to make Starliner crew assignments this summer

WASHINGTON — As Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner prepares to return from its brief trip to the International Space Station, NASA officials say they’ll wait until this summer to determine the schedule…

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‘Round and round we go’: NASA shares breathtaking image of Whirlpool Galaxy

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has shared a breathtaking image of the Whirlpool Galaxy’s curving arms. From pink star-forming regions to brilliant blue strands of star clusters,…

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NASA’s InSight Records the Largest Quake on Mars to Date

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ETH Zurich. NASA’s Insight Mars lander was launched on May 5, 2018, with the objective to study the deep interior of Mars. On November 26, 2018, it successfully landed…

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