F.D.A. Chief Details ‘Shocking’ Conditions at Baby Formula Plant

The Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan that was shut down in February, sparking a widespread baby formula shortage crisis, had a leaking roof, water pooled on the floor and cracks…

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‘Quantum Internet’ Inches Closer With Advance in Data Teleportation

From Santa Barbara, Calif., to Hefei, China, scientists are developing a new kind of computer that will make today’s machines look like toys. Harnessing the mysterious powers of quantum mechanics,…

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China Seeks Sweeping Regional Deal With Pacific Island Countries

SYDNEY, Australia — China is pursuing a regional agreement with Pacific island nations that would expand Beijing’s role in policing, maritime cooperation and cybersecurity while offering scholarships for more than…

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Boeing’s Starliner Lands on Earth

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft returned to Earth on Wednesday after a largely successful uncrewed test flight that included four and a half days docked at the International Space Station. Streaking across…

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In the U.S., Backlash to Civil Rights Era Made Guns a Political Third Rail

I am a mother of two young children, and I wish I could say that the pain that parents in Uvalde, Texas, feel this morning is unimaginable to me. But…

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A Proposed Road in Alaska Threatens Anilca Protections

By Alaskan standards, the gravel road that an isolated community near the Aleutian Islands wants to build to connect to an airport is not a huge project. But because it…

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After Mass Gun Killings, Other Nations Changed Course — to Notable Effect

The world over, mass shootings are frequently met with a common response: Officials impose new restrictions on gun ownership. Mass shootings become rarer. Homicides and suicides tend to decrease, too….

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How (and Why) We Calculated the Value of Haiti’s Payments to France

On Sept. 9, Selam Gebrekidan, one of our colleagues on the project, traveled with me and Matt to southeast London to meet Victor Bulmer-Thomas, a British expert on Caribbean economies,…

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Corporations Pledge to Buy ‘Green’ at Davos Gathering

WASHINGTON — More than 50 corporations have joined a global “buyers’ club” that pledges to purchase aluminum, steel and other commodities made from processes that emit little to no carbon,…

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Live Updates: Boris Johnson and U.K. Lockdown Report News

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to make the report publicly available after it is submitted.Credit…Peter Nicholls/Reuters LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson presided over an office in which there…

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After Biden Visit, China Conducts Military Drills Near Taiwan

China’s Army held combat drills in the sea and airspace around Taiwan, a Chinese military official said on Wednesday, one day after China and Russia held their first joint military…

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Some Elephants Are Getting Too Much Plastic in Their Diets

Some Asian elephants are a little shy about their eating habits. They sneak into dumps near human settlements at the edges of their forest habitats and quickly gobble up garbage…

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North Korea Launches Suspected ICBM and Two Other Ballistic Missiles

In a meeting with President Yoon Suk-yeol of South Korea in Seoul last Saturday, Mr. Biden said that the United States would bolster the alliance and increase deterrence in the…

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Ukraine Charges 8 Russian Fighters in Killings of Village Mayor and Family

Eight Russian soldiers and mercenaries were charged on Tuesday with the murder of the mayor of a small Kyiv suburb and her family, Ukraine’s prosecutor general said. The mayor, Olha…

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U.S. Speeds Up Reshaping of Taiwan’s Defenses to Deter China

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration has accelerated its efforts to reshape Taiwan’s defense systems as it projects a more robust American military presence in the region to try to deter…

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Russia Is Accused of Using Food as ‘Blackmail’ in Ukraine War

Three months into the war, the United States and its allies have shown remarkable solidarity so far in supporting Ukraine with weapons and other aid, and in punishing Russia with…

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