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Five Nights at Freddy’s wild success might mean more movies hit streaming and theaters the same day | Technology

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Why the cyber attack arsenal is growing and becoming harder to predict | Technology


Google Celebrates 1 Billion RCS Users with a New Feature Drop | Technology

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These Are Apple’s Favorite Apps of 2023: Can You Guess What’s Not on the List? | Tech


MiR Insights Wins 2023 NED Innovation Award in Automation | Robotics


These Penguins Nap Thousands of Times Per Day | Technology

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YouTube Music’s 2023 Recap Is Here With ‘Custom Album Cover’ Just for You | Tech


Weird Al Uses His Spotify Wrapped Video to Dunk on Spotify | Technology


Shapiro Administration Invests Millions in Astrobotic Technology, Helping the Leading Space and Robotics Company Expand and Create Nearly 300 High-Tech Jobs Ahead of December Moon Launch | Robotics

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AMD’s 96-core behemoth just sent Intel’s best processor into oblivion to claim 19 world speed records — and it’s only just getting started | Technology

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Amazon wants you to ditch keycards, and scan your palm instead to get into the office | Technology

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AWS might have just made contact centers less awful for everyone | Technology

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Line mobile messaging app hit by systems breach, thousands of accounts leaked | Technology


ABB launches IRB 930 SCARA robot to transform pick-and-place and assembly operations | Robotics

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Evernote Puts Tight Restrictions on Free Plan to Encourage Premium Sign-Ups | Tech


Google Agrees to Pay News Companies for Content in Canada | Technology