ChatGPT may give bad workplace advice to people with autism | News World

A new study explores how people with autism interact with ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligence tools for help and advice as they confront problems in their workplaces.

The findings show such systems sometimes dispense questionable advice. And controversy remains within the autism community as to whether this use of chatbots is even a good idea.

“What we found is there are people with autism who are already using ChatGPT to ask questions that we think ChatGPT is partly well-suited and partly poorly suited for,” says Andrew Begel, an associate professor in the department of software and societal systems and the Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) at Carnegie Mellon University. “For instance, they might ask: ‘How do I make friends at work?’”

Begel heads the VariAbility Lab, which seeks to develop workplaces where all people, including those with disabilities and who are neurodivergent, can successfully work together.

Unemployment and underemployment can be problems for many adults with…


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